Living History – Recording Women’s History

Today kicks off the start of Women’s History Month.  As a student of history (former, but also constant), I find it crucial to know where we came from.  How did we get here? If it weren’t for those who came before us would any of us being in the jobs we have, living on own or with significant others?  Would be discussing contraception and family planning quite so openly?  Change may not have come as quickly if women had not fought for what they wanted.

I see this month as time to look back on how we got to this point.  But it is also a chance for us to tell the stories and record the history happening right now.  Everything women are fighting for, mostly trying to ensure there is not a return to the lives of total domesticity without options, a world we glimpse in places like The Handmaid’s Tale.

We are living in extraordinary times where the freedoms, rights and choices we have had available and taken for granted are under attack constantly.  We are living history right now!  It may have started with the 2010 elections, but it has progressed and this time period will be written about, taught, looked back on.  What will they say about this time, this year, and us?

As part of Women’s History Month, Fem2.0 will be sharing facts, information about events and discussing our history and those women who have influenced our lives.  I will be reading Margaret Sanger: A Life of Passion, as well as sharing reviews and information gained from other readings, including Feminism: The Essential Historical Writings.

It is our hope you will take the time to learn something new about women’s history this month.  But what will you do about the history you are witnessing right now?  How will you record it?  Think about that as you read blog posts, books, articles, watch documentaries or view a visual history.  There are so many ways to add to the records of women’s history – but we need women’s voices to do it.  We need to hear from women!

Will 2012 be the next year of woman?  Will the candidates for President, Congress or at the local level pay attention to the massive voting block that women make up?  How will our voices be heard?

My voice will heard right here.

Start your exploration of Women’s History Month as these sites: Sewell Belmont House, National Women’s History Project, National Women’s History Museum, and keeping returning to Fem2.0 for new posts, facts and information on events near you.

Originally appeared on Fem2.0


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