Looking Back: 6 Weeks Can Change Everything

Peter and I had different reasons for wanting to go into this diet.  Both of us hoped to lose weight (Success!), but Peter was looking to find new recipes and stretch our imagination in terms of dinner options.  I really wanted to try living without meat.  It was something I’d considered at other points in time.

I think it was in middle school that my mom and I actually went through vegetarian cookbooks to see what my food options were.  We saw two immediate problems: 1. I’d need to learn to cook and 2. I’d need to be much more adventurous with food. The me at age 12 would not eat about 90% of what I eat now.  Luckily, tastes change.  It’s quite a sense of accomplishment to know I’ve done something I’ve gone back and forth on throughout much of my life.

Now that the diet is over I dove right back into eating cheese, at least these first couple days.  I think that’ll be all for the week though.  I’ve made the decision to stay meat free, and it’s been just in the last week or so that I realized all those foods I’m giving up.  I may from time to time be temped by lamb shank or beef bourguignon, but for now, I’m feeling good about the decision.  I’ve enjoyed the bonus on finding some great new things to make and eat, which was, of course, part of Peter’s plan.

One of last meals, pictured above, is one of my favorite options: risotto.  You can do some many different things, add any vegetable you want, various sea foods options can be added, or not.  The best part of this process was learning how meals we would have covered in cheese, can be amazing without it as well, including risotto.

Moving forward, I will continue with the meat free plan.  Cheese will become a treat, likely had once a week, as I try to keep the animal products consumed to a minimum.  The idea is to focus on more plant based and seasonal options, with out going 100% plant based. Want to see what I’m cooking, reading about food or recipes I’m hoping to try?  Check out Meat Free Maggie.


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