Where Women Have It Easy

Now that is has finally cooled off a little around DC I finally feel better about admitting something. Women have it easy when it comes to wardrobes for work and formal occasions in the summer.  Casual days can few and far between in DC. While we, as women, are able to dress for the season in sun dresses and sandals, men have fewer options.

I am hoping I am done watching grown men walk past me on the way to work with a shirt, tie and jacket on a hanger.  I have never, thankfully, had the pleasure of wearing a suit on a daily basis to work.  But even women who have to wear suits daily get a break.

The term business attire has taken on different meanings for the different sexes.  While men must always be in suit and tie, women are free to wear a skirt and sleeveless shirt with sandals, keeping the jacket nearby.  Have we noticed how lucky we are?  Acknowledged it to the men who dress in a full suit when it is 90 degrees outside at 8am?
It is getting to be time to pull out the wool skirts, tights and sweaters.  I’m excited about it.  I’ve noticed lately much of the chatter among women and the anticipation of the coming fall has to do more with wardrobe changes than anything else.  Do men go through this at all?  Do they get excited about pulling out their sweaters and wool suits?  Putting their two scarves to good use?  I can’t see it happening.  But please feel free to correct me.

Maybe there is upside though, guys!  Your dress shirts are incredibly cheap to clean, where as my endless line of dresses and sweaters and tops are what make the weekly dry cleaning bill in my home remain in the upper double digits. I will never understand the different pricing for women’s shirts versus men’s shirts, or even how a skirt costs several dollars more than a sweater and a dress doubles my entire bill.  Maybe guys shouldn’t look at the year round suit expectation as painful, but as having a static dry cleaning bill.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to pack up my tank tops and pull out my sweaters.  That’ll bring a late heat wave back to the city!

Originally appeared on Fem2.0


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