The Meat-Free, Cheese-Free, Fried-Free Diet

The Challenge:

Go 6 weeks without meat, cheese or fried foods.

The goal:

To lose weight.

The “Last meal”:

Steaks, black truffle mac and cheese, sautéed spinach, wine.

Peter and I will be working on a regular work out plan while eating healthier and cutting out meat, cheese and fried foods.  We will be eating seafood and other dairy products aside from cheese.  For two people raised on the meat, starch and veggie dinners of a stereotypical American household, this is a big challenge.  It is also a big step in altering our routine and eating habits, especially for a short period of time.

Will we continue this after the 6 weeks?  Will we immediately go back to eating meat?  Or will we just return to our old habits when the 6 weeks is up?

We officially began yesterday, September 6th. We had tickets to the Nationals games for the return of Stephen Strasburg.  We had a first at a ball game.  Confused and hungry, we had to hunt for dinner options.  There are not that many options and from what I’ve been told, those options are not consistent.

Check back with us to see how it goes.  Have a great pescatarian recipe for us to try please share it!


One thought on “The Meat-Free, Cheese-Free, Fried-Free Diet

  1. Mix together:
    1 can black beans, rinsed
    1 can corn, rinsed
    pint cherry tomatoes, halved
    very small red onion, diced
    2 avocados, chopped or sliced
    juice of 1 lime and an equal amount of olive oil

    We eat this in tortillas with chicken, but it would be good with shrimp instead! Doug adds cheese but I skip it because the avocado is plenty. The real recipe is from Barefoot Contessa – google Guacamole Salad.

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