Seated By A Creeper

Tuesday night I went to the Nationals game.  They were finally back in from a 10 day road trip, Zimmerman was back in the line -up, it was a beautiful night for baseball.  Within minutes of taking our seats I felt like the guy in front of us was paying a little too much attention to people around him.  I noticed him trying to look at me without totally turning around in his seat.  Okay, ignore him – he’ll chill out.

Another inning in, a group of young women – early to mid-20s came into our section.  This guy immediately perked up and actually started speaking, either to no one in particular or to himself.  I was repulsed.  He watched them for a while, until a couple walked past him to get to their seats.  He then started leering after the woman and muttering again. At this point I feel completely uncomfortable and I’m trying to decide where it is I’d like to move my seat to.  The only way I could think to describe him was creepy.  And I didn’t want to stick around and see his reaction to anyone else coming or going.

I left to get food, and returned to find all the seats around him had filled.  Yes, he’ll keep his comments to himself now!

Wrong! Three more women sat down a few seats away from him.  When my boyfriend left to find food I moved over to his seat just to be ever so slightly further away.  Then I got the feeling he was watching me.  Yep – he’s watching me – left all alone.  The saving grace: the text message I got a few minutes later from boyfriend.  He’d run into friends and there was room to sit by them!  I was up and moving so quickly I spilled my coke all over myself and a guy sitting just next to the fellow I wanted to escape from (I’m very sorry to the dude who sat covered in Coke the rest of the game).

Living in a big city, taking public transit everywhere, I’ve heard and seen plenty of inappropriate things.  Just because I’m in a big city doesn’t make them okay.  But I’ve built up a wall to let it roll off me and not let that kind of thing, or those people bother me.  So why did this guy at the game bother me?  Was it because I wasn’t able to enjoy the first four innings?  I don’t think so, especially given the Nationals didn’t appear to show up until the fifth inning.  Was it that it was repeated, it visibly bothered not just me, but others around me?  Possibly.

I wanted to say something, or do something, but I had no idea what to do.  And yes, two days later it is still bothering me.  Would speaking have helped in this situation or made it worse?  Would it have provoked him in some way?  I have no idea.  What would you have done?

Originally appeared on Fem2.0


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