Email Marketing Overload

Has anyone else noticed the email marketing blitz happening with retailers lately?  I sign up for the email list of stores I frequent most and wait patiently for coupons to come my way.  But lately it isn’t just coupons.  I get a daily email telling me about some new line of clothes, a new style of pant, and the latest purses.  I especially loved the notices of sandals and shorts while during a bitter cold February.

I have seen an increase in coupons and sale notices from some stores.  While I appreciate being made aware of the latest happenings, I also can’t go shopping every week.  Do I just unsubscribe to avoid temptation?  Do I send them to another email address and just check it once in awhile when I am ready to shop?  Both options seem extreme, but when I check my email each morning, the majority of it is from retailers that came in the middle of the night.  Nine times out of ten I delete them all, along with all the other junk email I get.

The increase hasn’t just been with retailers.  Non-profits have also been relentless in the quest for more donations.  To be honest – as someone who used to write those emails, I understand it more, and can justify it. I still don’t take the time to read them all.  I should.  I signed up for these emails for a reason.  I clearly support the work they are doing.  I just don’t have time to keep up with it all.

Email marketing seems like relatively old news, so why the sudden jump?  It could just be the post Christmas retail slump that everyone is trying to ward off. I’d go back to my emails from this time last year, but I think that was about the time I started deleting such messages.  I remember this time of year from my time working retail.  New Years through mid-March there would suddenly only be two people closing at night, and only the occasional customer.  At first it was nice.  But after a couple weeks it got boring.

Telling me about new styles coming in, or what you have that is totally this season (as in the season four months from now), does not get me in the door.  Bombarding me with emails doesn’t help either.  It’s actually a turn off.  I will tune out, and forget that I’d wanted to one amazing piece I saw in a window a few weeks ago and was waiting for it to go on sale.

Actually, I bet you get a better response from me if you sent it all through Facebook and Twitter.  Oh, and improve customer service.  But that’s another topic for another time.


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