I Won’t Move Back to Virginia

Moving from Richmond to DC a little over a year ago, it is hard to believe Virginia is the same place.  Too many changes and too many proposed laws, along with random comments that make me question who is running the state in the past two and a half months to allow a former resident of the Commonwealth to return anytime soon. Here are the reasons (so far) I won’t move back to Virginia.

  1. Gov. McDonnell’s budget cuts to education, health care, domestic violence programs, social services, mental illness and substance abuse programs.
  2. Law allowing guns in restaurants.
  3. Trust women – Respect Choice plate amendment to redirect funds from plate from prevention to state fund for women and families facing unplanned pregnancies.
  4. Bill to protect rights of the unborn.
  5. Bill requiring state licensing to abortion providers.
  6. Bill requiring informed consent, including ultrasound.
  7. Gov. McDonnell’s change in protections of state employees to exclude rights to LGBT employees.
  8. AG Ken Cuccinelli requesting state colleges and universities to remove LGBT students from protected class.
  9. Gov. McDonnell’s response to AG Cuccinelli’s request to state colleges and universities.
  10. Gov. McDonnell’s directive to protect LGBT rights to state employees – weak move to make sure its not a law.
  11. Call to boycott Northern Virginia imam’s invocation at House of Delegates session on March 11th.
  12. Ken Cuccinelli’s birther comment and the attempted retraction months later.
  13. Ken Cuccinelli’s comment that a social security number is used to track you.

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