Feminism and Social Media: The Data

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word and get responses to my thesis research.  I’ll be sharing information I learned through the rest of the summer.  To kick things off, though, I’ve put the data into an infographic (because I love  infographics).  As you’ll see the participation was not representative of the feminist … Continue reading

The Power of Twitter in Customer Service

I’ve written before on the responsiveness of corporate customer service (or lack there of) with comments on Twitter. Even if a company, or in this case, a government agency doesn’t have a presence, the importance of monitoring what people are saying about them, and responding to issues or concerns is crucial. When I tweeted pictures … Continue reading

Feminism in Film, TV & The Real World

I was home sick last week, which means I spent a lot of time watching Gilmore Girls reruns, Downton Abbey, and both Princess Diaries movies.  Have you ever noticed how all of parliament in The Princess Diaries 2 is male?  (Maybe you haven’t seen it enough to notice – I forgive if that’s the case.)  … Continue reading

I Turned 30 And My Face Didn’t Melt Off

Remember the old Glamour piece: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have or Know by the Time She’s 30?  You may have seen it crop back up recently.  The timely was impeccable for me, floating into my inbox just days before my 30thbirthday.  I read through the list remembering when I first read it in 1997, … Continue reading